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Nov 07 2008

The secret of Spirits Bay by Stephen Barker

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HarperCollins Publication 2008 ISBN 9781869507251
(Age 10-14 years) Tom Bowman family's life is difficult.He has come to New Zealand with his Dad and is waiting for his mum and sister to join them. He is starting a new life in a different school and trying to make new friends. The thing in his life that he loves to do is to run at Spirit Bay. Soon Tom slowly makes a friend with a local teenager, Ana and an old Maori man called Mata.As he trains for an important race, Tom sees another boy running in the distance. The only problem is that nobody else sees him. Slowly he and his new friend unravel the secret behind the mysterious boy, who is also called Tom, and the reason why he is running at Spirit Bay.Are there secrets at Spirit Bay that involve the past? Can Tom and Ana understand the clues behind this mystery before a disaster occurs again at Spirit Bay?
Frances Kranendonk

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