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Jul 01 2013

A cyclone is coming by Darlene Oxenham

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Waarda series. Fremantle Press, 2013. ISBN 9781922089342.
Recommended for Year 3. This book tells of Annie, who lives with her parents in a caravan in the north of Western Australia. Other members of their extended Aboriginal family also live in the caravan park, and a number of other children do as well. All the children are great friends who do everything together in the holidays. They swim, fish and collect shells amongst other things. One day when they were considering going to the beach, Annie's Grandfather looked at the sky and said it was not a good idea because a cyclone was coming.  Annie helps prepare for the cyclone including tying the caravan to a large scraper that her father has placed next to their van. The rest of the story covers the waiting, and then the arrival of Cyclone Tessie, and gives an excellent picture of just what happens in the event of a cyclone. When Annie goes back to school, she is able to tell her class all about her adventure and the bottle with a message which she and her friends found. When the class asked what the message said they were told it was a story for another time.
Rhoda Jenkin

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