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Jun 18 2013

How to keep a boy from kissing you by Tara Eglington

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HarperCollins Australia, 2013. ISBN 9780732295172.
(Young adults) How to keep a boy from kissing you by Tara Eglington is a novel that turns out completely differently from a first impression of the book. This novel is inspirational and relatable, the target audience being young adults.
Aurora Skye is a dating guru, or she aspires to be, sweet sixteen and never been kissed and she wants to keep it that way until she finds her perfect prince. But her own love life is almost pushed out of the window when a number of her friends find potential princely partners; it's up to Aurora to play the role of Cupid. As well as all of these romance situations, Aurora has to deal with Hayden, the infuriating boy-next door AND family troubles at home.
In this book, the theme being romance, the story of Aurora Skye is set in modern times. One of the best features of this book is that you can't judge it by the cover. It has the ability to change and influence the reader about being open-minded and positive in most situations, (even if things look their worst) and that sometimes accidents were meant to happen.
Aurora Skye and her friends all change throughout the novel which I believe makes them so realistic, the author's ability to make everything seem so real has you fooled through the book and thinking that you were in the slightly hap-hazardous world that is the life of Aurora Skye.
Sarah Filkin (Student)

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