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Oct 24 2008

Death diamond by Dan Jerris

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Lothian, 2008. ISBN9780734410719
(Age 9-12) The first in the series, Dragon Blood Pirates, Death diamond is a funny, tongue in cheek story of 2 boys transported back in rime to the age of piracy. Redolent of Pirates of the Caribbean, and with touches of many other pirate stories and themes, this series of novels will fill a niche for readers of early chapter books. 80 pages long, with large print and many funny drawings by Rory Walker, this book is easy to read and follow.

Al and his friend, Owen are searching a chest in the attic, when they find themselves on a rock in the ocean. Rescued by the crew of The Booty, they are offered maggoty biscuits for tea, and that is just the first of their problems. Following the treasure map is the crew of another ship, The Tormenter, with their hideous captain, Snotty Nell. Each side tries to outwit the other as they search for the treasure through a cave with mantraps, clues and lots of danger.

A funny tale with lots of hilarious episodes, all giving a passing nod to famous stories and films, this book will have appeal to kids looking for an escape to another world.
Fran Knight

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