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May 06 2013

Best books for primary compiled and edited by Pat Pledger

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Pledger Consulting, 2013. ISBN 9781876678371.
If you have ever thought to yourself I wonder what new quality books I'm missing or I wonder what's available that I can use with my class, then this may be the book for you. From the stable of Pledger Consulting comes another useful bibliography; Best books for Primary contains a list of books reviewed and recommended by Australian teachers and teacher librarians on Pledger's Readplus site. Award winning titles are included from the Children's Book Council, Guardian Children's Book Prize, Newbery Awards and the Roald Dahl Funny Prize. Titles comprise four categories- Picture books; Middle Primary; Older Primary and Non Fiction.
Best books for Primary is not a complete set of reviews, but an annotated alphabetical list, with a sentence or two giving a very brief overview of the story. By choosing an age level readers can check interesting titles. The brief annotation gives enough of an idea to encourage you to look into the title further. In some cases these reviews on the website are complete with lesson notes. The list of non-fiction titles is particularly useful. An index adds to the usefulness of this aid to busy teachers and teacher-librarians.
Diana Warwick

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