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Apr 29 2013

Our first class camp by Miss Kelly and her year 2/3/4

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Camp of St Joseph's Gladstone, 2013. Available from Meg's Bookshop, Port Pirie or St Joseph's, Gladstone.
(Age 4+) Warmly recommended. Picture book. Journeys. Camping. School. Many many classes resolve to make a book reflecting their experiences, but few actually have a finished product, certainly not as beautifully presented as this one. It will not be readily available, but is worth pointing out that it may appear on their website, or your library may be able to purchase one to have as an example of what a class can achieve.
This little class boarded their bus at their school at Gladstone, headed for the River Murray. They stayed along the river, visiting Monash Playground, waking early to beat the sun, talking with the Ranger about local flora and fauna, and generally having a first class time.
The group collected together photos and drawings of their trip, and with the help of Margie Arnold of Meg's Bookshop in Port Pirie, were able to put together a book of rhyming sentences showcasing their experiences. All of the photos show children enjoying themselves, playing together and having a great time. The illustrations range from the simple page of faces to the more adventurous winged bus, which I love, and the drawing of the playground and its maze, as well as children rolling down a hill.
The whole is bright, inviting and reflects the three strands of this little school in South Australia's mid north: faith, friendship and families. Reading it I couldn't help but think of ways it could be used in classrooms: talking about journeys, school camps, being away from parents, living together and so on. This is a wonderful model of what to do once a camp is completed, using the children's experiences to develop an end point that will be remembered, shared and treasured.
Fran Knight

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