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Apr 29 2013

Big Brother by Susannah MacFarlane

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EJ12 Girl Hero. Scholastic Australia, 2012. ISBN 9781921931161.
(Age 8+) Highly recommended. I love all the EJ12 books. I think they are well written. This book is no different. In the other EJ12 books some of details in the beginning are the same but in this book the details have been changed. I love how the SHINE HQ is relocated. Nothing like that has happened in the previous books and I think this is a good change. I like how the retired horse agents are kept busy, so they don't just stand in the paddock all day. One of few negative things I would say is I wish the books were longer because I find the book finishes just as you're getting hooked! I like how new SHINE agents have been introduced in this book, because you can get a bit bored with the same agents. I also like how Emma Jacks faces her fears - this sends a good message to readers. I love how there is a wide range of wildlife from horses to dogs to kangaroos. It's cool that they have a bit of trickery in it, so it keeps the book interesting. All of the ideas that evil agency SHADOW come up with keep you on the edge of your seat. I like how Emma finds a way to deal with her brother in the end. And I love how good conquers all - although at first, the characters are scared to do something that makes them feel uncomfortable. It's a great book and I am sure you will enjoy it!
Lauren H. (Student)

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