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Oct 21 2008

Cinderella by Max Eilenberg

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Walker Books, 2008
(Ages: all) A beautiful retelling of the story of Cinderella, by Max Eilenberg, this book will delight younger readers, older readers and adults. Those who know the story will take pleasure in hearing it again and pointing out the minor changes made by this author. Those for whom the story is new, will be enchanted as Cinderella wins the prince despite the behaviour of her step mother and sisters.

The illustrations by Niamh Sharkey will intrigue and amaze the readers. The stepmother is sharp and angled, while her two daughters are opposites, one large and cumbersome, the other tall and very thin. Cinderella by contrast, is all she should be, demure, blonde, long suffering and surprised. The small animals which dot the pages add a comic element to the story. Each of the invitations to the balls (there are three) is on a playing card and watch out for the size of the girls' feet when trying on the glass slipper. All in all an agreeably presented variation to the traditional story of Cinderella, which will be a treat for those who read it.
Fran Knight

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