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Apr 10 2013

What the Raven Saw by Samantha-Ellen Bound

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Woolshed Press, 2013. ISBN 9781742757353.
Recommended - I love the Raven! I love his vanity as a 'bird of great distinction' and 'inborn ability', his grumpiness and his good heart. I love his conversations with, and obvious love for, the weatherhen who sits on top of the church spinning in the wind. His ongoing relationship with 'the pigeon' is a source of amusement and at times provides a bit of light relief. I also love the thought that next time I see a Raven it may talk to me as this, it appears, is a little known fact about Ravens.
The Raven resides in the crumbling bell tower of the church run by Father Cadman. From there he patrols the local area and guards his treasure from all who would steal it including, he suspects, the weatherhen. His joy in life is listening to the hymns at mass and singing with Father Cadman at the church organ.
He becomes entangled with a variety of other characters most notably the ghost of a young boy Todd buried in his cemetery in the opening chapter, and his grieving sister Mackenzie.
When the Raven tells Father Cadman that Barnabas Brittle has been stealing from the collection plate, his life is changed. Father Cadman no longer believes in him or sings with him. Then a storm destroys his belltower, scattering his treasure.
Returning to the good graces of Father Cadman and proving Barnabas Brittle guilty means the Raven also needs to extend his help to the distraught Mackenzie, her friend Lucie and the persistent, caring and ghostly Todd.
A story of loving and giving or as the scarecrow says 'There must be showings of devotions before you get devotions back.'
Sue Keane

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