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Apr 10 2013

I made lattes for a love god by Wendy Harmer

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Allen and Unwin, 2012. ISBN: 9781742379913.
Recommended for ages 12 and above. Elly Pickering is an ordinary teenager whose family includes her eighteen year old sister, Tilly, her mum, Libby, who runs a PR company named Regal Events and Dad, always there supporting the family, without ever seeming to rock the boat. Things change when Regal Events wins the contract to do the public relations for a film which is to be made in their town, starring Elly's major heart throb, Jake Blake. When she invites her best friend Carmelita to stay, the two excitedly audition as extras in the movie. Although Carmelita wins a part, Elly fails to do so. Thanks to Dad's persuasive powers, Libby gives her daughter the opportunity to act as her assistant. Sadly, things again go wrong; Elly quickly loses her job and is demoted to work with a class mate, Rosie Di Masi, in the catering van owned by Rosie's family. Despite Carmelita appearing to have dumped her best friend in favour of another of their old class mates, Rosie shows her 'Pollyanna' nature and vows that everyone will end up wishing they could have as much fun as the girls could have in the van. Suddenly, things begin to improve!
Harmer has created a winning formula with her two teenage books about Elly and her friends. Although the protagonist comes across as being somewhat self-absorbed, there is nothing about her that is not typical of most teenagers today. From her desire to meet her favourite celebrity, about whom she knows so much, to her mixed reactions toward her best friend's acting career and the changes in her attitude toward Rosie and her catering job, most readers will be able to understand her motivations exactly. This is another thoroughly enjoyable read.
Jo Schenkel

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