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Apr 05 2013

Where's my potty? illustrated by Felicity Gardener

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Lothian Children's Books, 2013. ISBN 9780734413864.
This is the story of Max, a baby gorilla, who, in timeless fairytale tradition, is in search of something 'just right' - in this case, a potty. He tries many potties - the one belonging to elephant is too big, hippo's potty is too soggy, flamingo's potty is too busy, and merkat's potty is too hard to get into.
Somewhere in the jungle is a potty which is just right for Max. The question is, will he make it in time?
The illustrator has done a wonderful job with this subject matter, and the pictures feature many quirky details, such as the star band on Max's underpants, and the miniature meerkat underwear. Young readers would enjoy watching Max evaluate each potty, searching for the one that is just right.
This book would be an ideal addition to any toddler's library, introducing concepts of all aspects of toilet training, from wearing underwear to making it to the potty in time. Both Max and his caregiver ape are pleased with the success, in a low key and non-patronising way, which can be a hard thing to convey in a picture book. The colourful underwear collections inside the front and rear covers of the book also add a touch of whimsy.
Freya Lucas

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