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Apr 05 2013

K-zone: Prankster's handbook edited by N. Sparke, K. Fox and D. Findlay

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Scholastic Australia, 2013. ISBN 9781742830247.
Highly recommended for pranksters and would be pranksters... though I'm not so sure teachers and parents will be all that thrilled!
I can't think of a better book for the typical reluctant or struggling 8-12 year old reader. From the reversible jacket (English Workbook on one side) and warning at the beginning, to the last of the 'Shame Files', this book will be a favourite for readers to dip into much like the K-zone magazine from which the pranks have been drawn.
There are pranks galore 'nearly guaranteed to get you grounded', shame files submitted by K-Zone readers, celebrity pranks, animal pranks as well as a range of pranking excuses for when things go wrong. Among the other sections, the LOL labels could be useful to copy. For example 'Class Cancelled: Teacher Kidnapped by Ninjas' or even 'Gone to Mars Back in Time for School Holidays' may appeal to teachers, especially if the pranks are tried out by their students. I'm sure the many examples of toilet humour will appeal to the boys more.
The bright colours and shiny pages give the book a youthful, exciting and vibrant look. The layout of the pages encourages short bursts of reading as each prank or excuse is written as a separate item in a coloured shape, laid over an interesting background and interspersed with labels and cartoon style pictures.
Fans of K-zone magazine are sure to recognise some of the content but will be keen to reread and discuss it with their friends. Students who have not had the pleasure of reading K-zone will be seeking out the magazines to see what else there is on offer.
Though this is not a book to be recommending before April's Fools Day, if it encourages one struggling reader to pick it up and enjoy reading, it is well worth including in any collection.
Sue Keane

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