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Apr 04 2013

Ambush at Cisco Swamp by Jack Wells

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Robert Irwin, Dinosaur Hunter. Random House, Australia: 2013. ISBN 9781864718461.
Recommended. After the success of Bindi's books it was only time before Robert joined the Random House team. Ambush at Cisco Swamp is the second book in this series aimed at the newly independent reader, where Robert is able to pursue his obvious love of dinosaurs.
Set in Cisco Swamp, Texas, the reptile keepers from Australian Zoo are assisting with the annual American alligator survey and Robert is keen to see an alligator like the one his grandfather had a photo of at home.
With the aid of the dinosaur fossil he carries with him he is transported back in time and not only has an encounter with a Deinosuchus, a very large prehistoric crocodile, but also an Albertosaurus fishing for alligator gar. Armed with his digital recorder Robert keeps a record of his adventure and manages to return to the present day just in time to avoid being a meal for his prehistoric companions.
With some detailed illustrations throughout the story, and a comprehensive field guide at the end, this is a dinosaur lover's delight. The story is told with some humour and vivid descriptions of the dinosaurs and their actions.
The QR code on the back cover leads to a message from Robert regarding the book for the connected reader.
Sue Keane

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