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Apr 03 2013

Ted by Leila Rudge

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Walker Books, 2013. ISBN 978 1 921977 50 3
(Age: 3+) Highly recommended. Picture book. Home. Ted has lived in the pet shop all his life and bemoans the fact that no one notices him and gives him a home. He tries various strategies including being a security dog, and a pet show entrant to no avail, but when he notices an add for a furry pet he answers it and finds a home with a twist in its tail for good measure.
Beautiful illustrations show us Ted's journey to finding a home, giving readers a plethora of things to seek out on every page. The snarling dogs he is trying to emulate when he becomes a security dog, the wonderful head dress he is given when groomed for a dog show, the antics at the circus and the perfect ending, all combine to thrill the audience and in the end make them laugh out loud, as I did. The story seems to be headed towards a more sentimental ending about friendship and finding a home, but the ending deflates that and draws the readers into its humour.
This is a lovely multi layered story on which to base discussions about friendship and coming together, about the need for a home, and attempts to do this. In classrooms where students are aware of the world outside their walls, more meaningful discussions could take place, taking in the need for a home and safe environment underpinning the millions of refugees around the world doing just what Ted is doing.
Fran Knight

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