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Mar 28 2013

The Discovery by Robert Irwin and Jack Wells

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Robert Irwin Dinosaur Hunter. Random House, 2013. ISBN: 9781864718454.
When nine year old Robert is allowed to visit an archaeological dig which is involved in hunting for dinosaur fossils, his adventure begins. If there is anything he is more passionate about than the reptiles at his home at the Australia Zoo, it is dinosaurs. After his excitement at uncovering some fossils, Robert finds himself being transported back to the time at which the dinosaurs actually roamed the earth and he finds himself taking part in an even bigger adventure! Will he survive to tell the tale?
Written by a nine year old boy, this could certainly not be called a book of great literary merit. It is, however, a series which would probably hold some appeal to the emergent reader who wants to read a simple novel containing a little excitement. With double spaced, easy to read font and full page illustrations to support the text, the book would provide few challenges, apart from the names of the various creatures Robert encounters. Its theme of dinosaurs would also provide a major draw card to many young boys who are passionate about the topic. As a first time slip book for young children, this would probably appeal to boys of a similar age to the protagonist.
Jo Schenkel

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