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Mar 21 2013

Super Baddies series by M.C. Badger & Simon Swingler

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Hardie Grant Egmont, 2013. pbk., graphic novel, RRP $A12.95.
Baddies vs Goodies. ISBN 9781921848424.
When Robots go Bad. ISBN 978192184428
Welcome to Baddie Primary where super-villains learn to be bad. Giant Boy, Sand Storm, Piranha Face, Bad Mads, Frosty, Mean Streak and Scorcher are a new gang of futuristic characters who attend Baddie Primary and are in constant battle with the students of Goodie Primary. With their tricks, gadgets and attitude they learn and do the sorts of things that many young boys dream of with their teacher Dr Thunder. Each story is told from the perspective of one of the key characters and they are good,clean fun - if bombarding your 'enemies' with stink bombs and chocolate can be called clean.
This is a new graphic novel series for those who are just becoming independent readers. They are bright, colourful and action packed while still telling an engaging story and the comic format will appeal to those who are making the transition between basal readers and junior novels. Initially, there will be four in the series although this is expected to grow, and there is a dedicated website.
While I haven't had the opportunity to share these with either of the Mr 6s in my life for a personal response, listening to them play together over the holidays I know this series will be popular with them. Apart from having a new series to tempt students, there is also scope for comparing and contrasting Baddie School with your own school and starting those critical literacy lessons early.
Barbara Braxton

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