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Mar 19 2013

Killer App by S. Carey

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Eerie Series. Puffin, 2013. ISBN: 9780143307365. Paperback, 72 pages. RRP: $9.99.
(Age: 8+) Roma and her friend are totally into their iPads and their apps. When a sinister man called Roderick offers the group a free app that downloads to each their own personal dream, Roma thinks it seems too good to be true. And Roma proves right when the five friends find themselves whirled out of their dreams and into a dangerous and deadly nightmare.
Not only is Roderick one seriously creepy nerd, he is a deeply disturbed one and his revenge for past rejections is about to impact on Roma and her mates. The only way to escape Roderick's hynoptic snare is to turn his plan back onto himself -and Roma has just what it takes to do that.
Clearly Dead Boring, the mysterious free app, is not quite as boring as it sounds.
Each of the Eerie series is cleverly enhanced with tiny 'flip' animations in the page corners and a new instalment of an additional story 'Monster Me' at the end of each book.
The series will comprise thirteen super spooky stories (Thirteen? Coincidence? I think not!) that will delight those 8+ years readers who savour the supernatural. There will be a rush on these when they hit your bookshelves - stand back and let the stampede begin!
Sue Warren

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