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Mar 18 2013

Crunched! by Michael Wagner

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Maxx Rumble Footy 1. Ill. by Terry Denton. Black Dog Books, 2013 ISBN: 9781922077813. RRP $9.95
(Age 7-9) Highly recommended. Maxx Rumble is back to entertain a new generation of boys with his wildly exaggerated football stories. First published in 2004 and now republished by Walker Books under the Black Dog Imprint, this series and the Maxx Rumble Cricket series are sure to engage even the most reluctant sport-loving reader from 7-9 years of age.
Maxx is a member of the Stone Gully Saints and they are up against the Grunting Bullies. He loves to exaggerate his prowess, his goal kicking, even the size of the sumo wrestlers who try to double-team him, Tarkyn and Wedgie. 'They kept squashing me. I thought my eyes would pop out! I thought every bone in my body would break! I thought I was dead!' The action is exciting and engaging, the novel is a page-turner, ending with the Club Records and explanatory Round 1 ladder.
Michael Wagner is a prolific author and his humorous style of writing in the Maxx Rumble series makes a great read. Terry Denton's cartoon style of illustration adds even more fun and amusement to the text.  Just observe the change Tarkyn and Wedgie undergo from footie players to sumo wrestlers as Maxx tells his version of the game. Michael Wagner's website has great teaching tips, more information about Maxx, writing tips for students, downloads and information about Michael's other stories as well.
I would highly recommend this series for boys and girls who love AFL from 7-9 years of age.
Rhyllis Bignell

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