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Mar 15 2013

Alice-Miranda in Paris by Jacqueline Harvey

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Random House Australia, 2013, 325pp, P/b. ISBN 9781742752884.
(Ages: 8+). Highly Recommended. Alice-Miranda and her school friends are in Paris as part of a choir performing during Fashion Week, when famous Parisian designer Christian Fontaine has some expensive fabric stolen. In the apartments directly opposite the school group's hotel, there is a young boy gazing out the window at the children. The children wave to him and ask him if he wants to join them for a game of basketball. The boy is Fabian Bouchard, a young fashion designer whose Uncle Claude is obsessed with making him a star, whether Fabian wants it or not. Fabian wants to go out and talk to the children but his mother won't let him, saying there are people out there who will hurt them. What is Fabian's secret and can the high-spirited Alice-Miranda and her friends solve the mystery of the stolen fabric?
Alice-Miranda is a very likeable character; she is a thoughtful girl who is always happy to help people. Alice-Miranda in Paris is full of mystery and adventure with some humour in parts. This book is a good read for primary aged students learning French. It has a glossary of 22 French terms used throughout the book and mentions famous French landmarks. There is also a good message about plagiarism. If you enjoyed the previous six books in the Alice-Miranda series then you'll enjoy this one.
Michelle Thomson

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