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Mar 08 2013

Hunter and collector by S. Carey

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Eerie series. Puffin, 2013. ISBN 9780143306887.
Mrs Hunter is obviously not from the planet Earth and has evil on her mind as she closely observes the people around her before targeting the young boy, William, as her prey. Whilst she is watching him, however, it would appear that he has been tracking her equally as closely. Which is the hunter and which the hunted?
This slim novella is apparently one of thirteen in the series Eerie which are to be released this year. Containing only eight chapters, many with as few as three pages per chapter and a total number of fifty five pages in the whole book, as well as double spaced print, this is the perfect series for the disinclined or struggling reader from even the upper primary classes. With a gory, somewhat manic looking character on the front cover, eyes bulging and pinned to a board via a tack through the chest and dripping blood, this is not a story for the faint hearted junior primary reader. I imagine this series will entice the battling male reader with ease, however. The addition of the little 'flip cartoon' on each page will undoubtedly add to the appeal! Although I can imagine some parents showing concern about having their younger children read these stories, I feel they certainly fill a niche for those who love the Goosebumps style of book but are not confident enough readers to attack them.
Jo Schenkel

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