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Mar 05 2013

Unlucky Break by Kate Forster

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Smitten series. Hardy Grant, 2013. 280p. ISBN 9781742972527.
Recommended for girls 15+. Unlucky Break is one of a new series of books coming out this year under the name Smitten . . .because every girl wants to be. The series promises to have no 'ice-cold vampires or emotionally distant angels' which might limit the current vampire loving readers. However, its themes of grief, love, sex, drugs and drinking will resonate with its young readers.
Set in Hollywood, Unlucky Break's protagonist Andie has flown from Melbourne after the death of her mother to live with her movie star aunt. Living the life of luxury is an immense change for her but she falls comfortably into it on receipt of her 'welcome pack' which includes an iPhone, credit card, MacBook Air and later on the keys to a black BMW.
Andie quickly becomes BFF with the Jess the young starlet who lives next door and despite their many differences they soon prove to be helpful to each other in the whole 'growing up' adventure. Naturally she falls in love with James Hawthorn the young male star she glimpses on her arrival at LAX. Unfortunately though he has a drug addicted starlet girlfriend whom he feels obliged to help. Sorting out this relationship has its ups and downs and misunderstandings and embarrassing situations occur frequently particularly after Andie accidentally runs him over.
Despite the unlikely setting, this novel is an easy read but definitely for an older teenage audience - think Mills and Boon for teenagers or Fifty Shades of Light Grey.
Denise Russell

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