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Oct 03 2008

Perry Angel's suitcase by Glenda Millard

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Ill. by Stephen Michael King. ABC Books, 2008. ISBN 9780733322556
(Age 9-12) This is the third instalment in the Kingdom of Silk series which began with The Naming of Tishkin Silk, then Layla Queen of Hearts and now this wonderful new story involving the Silk family. This touching story is about finding one's place in life and the journey involved in reaching that place. Perry (short for Peregrine) Angel, an orphan, arrives one day to stay with the Silk family carrying only a small shabby suitcase with the initials PMGDA embossed on the front. For Perry this case holds all the treasures of his life so far. Perry is very quiet and is enthralled by the daily rituals of the Silk family, taking in their quirky traditions and day-to-day routines. As with the other titles in this series life is not always as straight forward as we hoped and many secrets often remain untold. Perry slowly begins to trust the Silks and develops a special relationship with Ben. However a misunderstanding makes for a climatic ending until calm is restored and new life stories unfold.
Tracy Glover

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