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Oct 03 2008

The red leather diary by Lily Koppel

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Harper Collins, 2008. ISBN 9780061256776
(Age 15-Adult) Lily Koppel, the author of this book and also writer for the New York Times, discovered a red leather diary among other treasures during a clean up in the cellar of her New York apartment building. The author of the diary - Florence Wolfson - had not missed a single day's entry from 1929 (when she received it as a birthday gift) until the end of 1934 (the lifespan of the diary). What unfolds is a fantastic insight into the Bohemian life of America during the 1930's and the life experiences, through intimate thoughts and emotions, of Florence during those five years. Intrigued, Lily set out to try and find information about Florence and in discovery her still alive proceeded to meet with her to discuss the diaries entries. Florence added insight to the entries and what transpires is a reflective look back on those times and the unfolding of a true story of a woman who dared to follow her dreams.
Tracy Glover

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