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Feb 15 2013

Toocool Series #5 by Phil Kettle

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Ford Street, 2013. 55 pages, B format paperback , AUD$9.95 each. Boxed set with Marcy: $89.95.
The Big Bash ISBN 9781921665783 (pbk.)
Pirates ISBN 9781921665790 (pbk.)
The Interview ISBN 9781921665806 (pbk.)
Round 'Em Up ISBN 9781921665769 (pbk.)
The Race ISBN 9781921665776 (pbk.)
Box Set ISBN 9781921665882.
(Ages: Beginning readers) Adventure. Just watch the smaller humans scramble for the shelves when they see these arrive! All those eager little readers who are beginning their 'chapter' book journeys just eat up these fun and exciting stories and bask in their success in doing so. A perfect addition to any school or home library, and available singly or as a boxed set. As the characters in both the Toocool series and the Macy series are the same, both boys and girls can relate to them and share the laughter which inevitably results from following their exploits.
Once again Toocool makes readers laugh and groan as he retells his newest adventures from jetskis to jackeroos, cricket to celebrity interviews, all in his own inimitable self-flattering style. Phil Kettle's Toocool series has proven itself to be immensely popular (sales in excess of one million copies) cultivating an enthusiastic readership amongst lower primary students, particularly boys. While the stories themselves are always both amusing and well paced, the books also feature valuable additions such as informational pieces, glossaries as well as jokes. All these enhance the experience for readers. As a teacher-librarian, I have always relished the way in which Phil Kettle subtly endorses imaginative and active play for children. Toocool and his friends each crafting their own personal pirate ships from recycled materials would inspire any child to follow suit - a project I'm inspired to undertake with my own 7 year old granddaughter after a read aloud session.
Sue Warren

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