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Feb 13 2013

Think big by Elizabeth Garton Scanlon and Vanessa Brantley Newton

cover image Bloomsbury, 2012. ISBN 978 1 59990 6126.
(Age: 4+) Art. Picture book. First published in the USA, this tome is like a handbook for parents to teach art and craft to their children at home. Each page is covered with different ideas to use with children. From musical instruments, to brainstorming ideas onto paper, playing on stage, dancing, using ink and line drawing techniques, lots of different things to do are covered. In an easy to read rhyming pattern, little children will predict the next words, extending their vocabulary and making them aware of similar words, as well as getting them involved with the story telling itself. All of the activities come together in a stage presentation at the end showcasing their talents in a myriad of ways in brightly coloured, inclusive art work. Brave parents will have a cupboard full of stuff for the kids to use after reading this book, with plenty of smocks and rubber gloves, washing up facilities, spreadsheets along with loads of patience.
Fran Knight

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