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Feb 05 2013

Ruby Redfort: Take your last breath by Lauren Child

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HarperCollins, 2012, 400 pgs., h/b. ISBN: 9780007334087.
(Age: 9-14) Recommended. Take your last breath is the second book in the Ruby Redfort series, written by Lauren Child, bestselling author of the Clarice Bean series. Ruby Redfort is an undercover secret agent and a very smart 13 year old kid, who cracks codes and solves puzzles. At the beginning of the book, Ruby is attending a dive camp. During her training, Ruby finds she struggles to hold her breath for very long which may prove to be vital in this adventure which takes part on and in the ocean. Strange things start to happen in Ruby's seaside town of Twinford. Lots of unusual ocean activity, including sea creatures attacking people and a secret agent diver washing up dead on the beach. What is going on? Ruby and her team are on the case, along with her loyal best friend Clancy, who is a good friend, but useless in an emergency. One episode in the book was a little unrealistic, otherwise an excellent mystery which was easy to read. I would recommend this book in the Resource Centre for 9-14 year olds.
Michelle Thomson

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