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Jan 18 2013

Red Fox by Sandy Fussell

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Samurai Kids. Walker Books, 2012. ISBN 9781922077509.
While en route to India on board the Sea Dragon, the ship belonging to Yuri's uncle, disaster befalls the group and Niya wakes to find himself alone on a deserted beach. Even the voice of his Sensei, with whom he can usually communicate in his head, has ceased to exist for the boy. For the first time ever, his disability seems to be a major hurdle for Yuri and the weight of loneliness threatens to crush his spirit. Soon, however, he is re-united with Chen, a mixed blessing for the two as they realise that their friends may not have survived. Thus begins their trek to find out what fate has befallen the rest of their group.
Having now read each of the books in the series, I share an understanding of the strengths and hopes of the various characters and can only guess where the final instalment will take them. This book seemed to be somehow slower or filled with less adventure than some of the previous titles. I can only wonder now if it is Fussell's way of preparing us for the breaking up of the group and the sad demise of their much loved Sensei? Themes of independence, the celebration of our unique talents and differences and the care and concern for our friends would seem to be the main continuing themes which make the series stand out.
Jo Schenkel

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