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Jan 17 2013

The third door by Emily Rodda

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Omnibus, 2012. ISBN 9781862919143.
Highly recommended for ages 10+. This third and final adventure in the trilogy, The three doors, begins with Rye, Sonia, Dirk and Sholto having destroyed the skimmers at the Harbour. Believed to be spies, the four have rescued some prisoners from the Nanny's Pride Farm, and are now heading back to Weld. With the gifts of the Fellan, the magic creatures who live in the forest, Rye's magic bag continues to help the group as they progress in their quest to remove the threats to their home. Despite facing many problems on their way, they fight to overcome amnesia and upsets from other quarters and the team continues its journey to put things to rights and end the reign of terror in Weld.
Although this title could be read as a stand-alone, I would certainly encourage readers to begin the series with The golden door and read sequentially, to enable them to fully appreciate the changes and development of each of the characters and their roles within the story. As a fantasy quest, the themes of friendship, trust, loyalty, personal development, magic, science and history are all explored. The tale of the brothers is somewhat echoed in the words of the book with which Rye has been entrusted. Only at the end of their journey are secrets revealed and things returned to rights.
Rodda continues to write prolifically in the fantasy genre and her following likewise grows with the release of each new book. These are great adventures which entertain and engage readers of varied ages.
Jo Schenkel

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