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Dec 11 2012

Terratoratan by Mac Park

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Boy vs beast. Battle of the mega-mutants. Scholastic/Pop and Fizz, 2012. ISBN 9781921931185.
(Ages: 7-9) Another in the Boy vs Beast series finds Kai Masters, now a Border Captain having to fight mega-mutants in Beastium.
A prologue at the front of Terratoratan summarises the setting and characters for a reader new to the series, which is aimed at young boys, just beginning to read. Kai Masters is an intriguing hero and here he has to assemble a team to fight the mega-mutants and find ways to save the earth.
 It is sure to appeal to its audience. It has large print, illustrations that boys are certain to like, lots of gadgets, science testing pest poo, pests making clones and other equalling entertaining objects to draw the reader in.
Pat Pledger

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