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Nov 27 2012

The Amazing Illustrated Floodsopedia by Colin Thompson

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Random House; Australia: 2012. ISBN 9781742751047.
Highly Recommended for all Floods aficionados. For all other readers it will act as an introduction to the strange and interesting world of the Floods, and the quirky humour and illustrations of the self proclaimed 'Amazing Illustrating Colin Thompson'.
This is an eclectic collection of information regarding the Floods and Transylvania Waters.
Articles include the personal profiles of an array friends and relations such as Nerlout, Nerlin's twin brother and Crown Prince Corduroi the future king of Transylvania Waters. Recipes, Gardening tips from Queen Scratchrot and Winchflat's wonderful inventions also give us a more intimate knowledge of this family of immense wisdom and magic, as they would have us believe.
Tourist information includes the Transylvanian Waters Post Office, the famous Transylvanian Waters Clock and a visitor's guide to nearby towns and resorts. Of general interest are the poetic interludes, Horoscope, Aunty Crumble's Problem Page.
Whilst followers of the Floods will appreciate the characters in this book it's true value is alluded to in the caution on the inside cover which reads,
'Caution: This book contains words. Some of them have more than four letters and may improve your life in exciting and dramatic ways.'
Colin Thompson appears to be having a wonderful time playing with words, adding footnotes with outrageous explanations and generally poking fun at everything with his richly coloured, computer enhanced illustrations adding to the mayhem. I loved the risk assessment report at the front of the book and now realize the importance of horizons (you'll have to read it to understand!!)
Sue Keane

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