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Nov 26 2012

101 things to do with baby by Jan Ormerod

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Little Hare, 2012. pbk., 32pp. RRP $A19.95. ISBN 9781921894114.
The excitement leading up to and surrounding the birth of a new baby sister or brother is almost immeasurable. But what happens when the baby is finally there and Big Sister (or Big Brother) discovers that really, this baby isn't much fun because all it does is eat, sleep, cry and fill its nappy? The whole event can become a bit of an anti-climax! In this gorgeous book, Jan Ormerod literally offers 101 things that can be done with Baby, each one of which is a simple but loving act. But for all that this special person is loved and lovable, the nicest time is when Baby has gone down for the night and you get your parents back again, all to yourself.
In cartoon-like frames, we follow Big Sister through the day with all the things she does, things that often go unnoticed but are all part of having a new baby in the house and help her be the BEST big sister. Even the most mundane can become a new game. As well as being an 'instruction guide' for Big Sister, this book also helps parents see how they can involve the older child in Baby's care and the final page is a salutary reminder that they have two children.
With two new babies in the families of Miss 8, Mr 6 and Miss 6, the events of this book are very familiar and helped us not only to remember to acknowledge and thank them for all that they did to ease their little sisters into their lives, but also to remember to make time for them too.
Ever since I first saw Jan Ormerod's Sunshine, I have loved her work - and this one is no exception.
Barbara Braxton

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