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Nov 20 2012

There's a monster under my bed who farts by Tim Miller and Matt Stanton

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ABC Books, 2012. ISBN 978 0 7333 3125 1.
(Age: 6+) Picture book. Body parts. Humour. The monster in this house farts at the most inappropriate times. He farts under the bed, he makes enormous smells in the toilet, his belly rumbles so badly that he blocks out the television, in the car, everyone is overcome, in the supermarket, people avoid the family because of the smells emanating from one of its members. The monster is able to fill the balloons for the birthday party, but when a fart blows out the candles on the cake, he is evicted. And so on it goes, the young boy complaining about the monster who farts better than his Dad, or who farts under the kitchen bench or in the bath, but we must turn to the last page to work out just who this monster is.
The wide eyed characters in this funny story will grab the attention of the book's readers, laughing along as they begin to realise just who the monster is, recognising situations at home and sometimes in the classroom. The bold illustrations reflect the story well. Readers will laugh at the faces made by all concerned and the contrasting style of illustration with the images set against a one colour background will entreat the readers, inviting them to look more closely at the images of the boy and his family.
This book would be a wonderful adjunct to lessons about body parts and their uses, as well as a cautionary tale to discuss when the obvious happens either at home or in the classroom.
Fran Knight

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