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Nov 13 2012

Do your ears hang low? sung by The Topp Twins

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Pictures by Jenny Cooper. Scholastic, 2012. ISBN 978 1 77543 104 6.
(Age: 3+) Highly recommended. Picture book. Song. Body parts. The catchy tune accompanying this book on its CD, will drag every listener into the rhythm and words of the ballad, and they will eagerly sing along, adding actions to the song. Scholastic's There's a hole in my bucket, is also with The Topp Twins and Jenny Cooper.
For home and classrooms where music and singing is part of the day these books are more than useful. The CD is easy to use, gives the song and then the music without the singing, to enable the teacher or parent to use either version with effect.
Do your ears hang low, is a simple ballad about ears, asking whether they can be tied, or can they drip when wet, can they be used as a signal and so on. The wonderful illustrations add humour to the ballad, and are simply delightful to look at as the hound, lama, pig and rabbit have their ears pulled, drawn out and ruffled. Watch out for the little muse seen on some pages, and the mirror at the end of the ballad. Questions about the length and size of the child's ears go through a range of funny situations, from sticking out, or using them as a mop. Listeners and readers will love it! And turning the pages as the CD runs will add another level of humour and involvement.
In a home or class where body parts are under discussion then this would be a great introductory activity, or simply using it as a song or ballad, or part of a poetry lesson, this book and CD has a variety of uses. The last two pages has a host of interesting facts about ears to add to the fun.
Fran Knight

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