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Nov 09 2012

The Rumpelgeist by Fiona McIntosh

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Puffin, 2012. ISBN 978067007511.
(Age 10+) Recommended. Fantasy. Adventure. There are children disappearing from the capital of Drestonia and a strange apparition, the Rumpelgeist, seems to be haunting the city. Crown Princess Ellin must use her magic and work with Flynn Jolien to solve the mystery and save the children. However a wily sorcerer, Grendel is using his magic and the pair will need all their courage to find Grendel. Overcome the witch Grevilya and return the stolen children of Floris to their parents.
The sequel to The whisperer, this can be read as a stand alone although of course, fans of the first book will be fascinated to see the next generation of people in the kingdom and how the main characters have grown and changed. Familiar characters from the first book, including Pilo, the centaur Davren, Bitter Olof, Calico Grace and Little Thom, make their appearance and provide much of the humour and action in the book.
t Princess Ellin is a brave and feisty girl who knows that she will have to learn her magic to help save her kingdom. Although Flynn has been injured by a rival he too will have to use his powers to help Ellin. The slight romance between the two adds an element of interest for those who like relationships. The adults in the story play a secondary role and it is Ellin and Flynn who solve problems and come up with solutions that will keep the kingdom safe.
There is plenty of action and adventure to keep the reader totally interested in the story. Magic is central to the story but it is the thrill of the chase and the quest to overcome the evil Grevilya that makes this a gripping read.
While it has been written for a younger audience, any lover of fantasy or adventure should enjoy this well written and compelling tale.
Pat Pledger

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