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Sep 09 2008

Lu-Lu's wish by Matt Zurbo and Ben De Quadros-Wander

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Lothian. 2008. ISBN 978-0-7344-1017-7
(Age 5-8) Poor Lu-Lu! She is surrounded by people who can do special things. She desperately wants 'to be able to make something' and when she finds a rock in the creek she decides that it will be her wishing rock. But it doesn't matter how hard she wishes she can't paint like Tahli, perform like the circus kids or play the saxophone. But there is one special thing that she can do.

This is a lovely, warm story that focuses on the intense desire that Lu-Lu has to be special at something. Children will identify with the feeling, but will be able to see quite clearly that Lu-Lu is wishing for things that can only be achieved by having unique talents and spending hours practising. However her wishing stone gives her something amazing.

The vivid illustrations from Ben De Quadros-Wander are very appealing. Lu-Lu is a wide-eyed little girl who tugs at your heart strings and the other characters in the story are brought alive, each with their own unique characteristics. The interesting detail in the drawings is sure to intrigue the curious reader. Reading aloud Lu-Lu's Wish would provide lots of opportunity for class discussion of what makes each person special.
Pat Pledger

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