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Nov 06 2012

Bush Bash by Sally Morgan and Ambelin Kwaymullina

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Little Hare, 2012. hbk. ISBN 9781921714771.
Dingo is on a mission - but no one knows just what it is. He is dashing through the country, intent on something, and ignores those around him. So they decide to join him to see just what has got his attention - two nosy numbats, three flying frogs, four burrowing bilbies . . .
More than just a unique counting book, this colourful tale not only tells a story but also introduces our youngest readers to some of Australia's unique creatures - some well-known, some not-so. And all the while, there is the speculation about just where is dingo going. The answer is revealed and children will delight in it.
The illustrations are rich, detailed and bright - just what we expect of Sally Morgan - but they are actually done by her daughter, Ambelin Kwaymullina, who is obviously as talented as her mother. Hidden within each are hidden objects - some made by Aboriginal people, others animals that should have no place in our bush - and as well as being guaranteed to engage the reader deeply in the illustrations, they offer more talking points that can introduce our littlies to the life of those who have been here forever and the impact of those who have come since.
This is a very special book that works on so many levels it is a must-have in your collection.
Barbara Braxton

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