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Nov 05 2012

Louis beside himself by Anna Fienberg

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Allen and Unwin, 2012.ISBN 978-1-74237-994-4.
Recommended for upper primary students. Louis loves words. He collects them the way other people would collect stamps or trading cards. His father loves nothing more than to wrestle his son, with special moves such as 'The Walls of Jericho' or the 'Five Star Frog Splash'. His friends love basketball and skateboarding so Louis's passion makes him a little bit different form everyone else.
Enter runaway Cordelia into his life. She appears as a burglar one night and Louis decides to help by allowing her to camp in a tent on their lawn. He keeps Cordelia a secret from Dad but for how long?
A wonderful feel good book about families, friendship and personal courage. Anna Fienberg (of Tashi fame) has made Louis a believable character who learns a lot about himself while sharing his love of words with the reader.
A book trailer is available.
Jane Moore

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