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Nov 01 2012

A hare, a hound and shy Mousey Brown by Julia Hubery

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Little Hare, 2012. Hbk., 32p., RRP $A24.99. ISBN 9781921541384.
It is spring and Hare is full of its energy and promise as she jumps and bounds 'wondrously wild and fearlessly free . . . for the joy of just being she.' In the meantime, from his hole in the wall, Shy Mousey Brown is watching in awe at Hare's antics, the victim of unrequited love. But also in the picture is Hound, who Mousey Brown knows is secretly keeping a watch on the hoppity hare with evil on his mind. While Hare is unaware, Mousey Brown knows exactly what Hound is about but even his loudest voice is not loud enough for Hare to hear.
How will Mousey Brown be able to warn Hare of the clear and present danger? Will Hound catch Hare and eat her? What plan does Mousey Brown hatch to rescue his beloved pink-ribboned Hare from certain death?
The language, rhyme and rhythm of this story work very well to create an engaging story reminiscent of the old fable, The Mouse and the Lion. There's just the right amount of tension to catch your breath and then let it go as the storyline moves to a satisfactory ending. There are opportunities to join in with the reading and the use of text effects helps the beginning reader to hear and develop expression. Miss 6 also loved trying to predict how a teeny, tiny mouse might save a hare from a ferocious dog. The solution is just delightful, and nothing like we thought.
Jonathan Bentley's illustrations are the perfect accompaniment - their cartoon-like style moves the whole book up a notch from a tale for pre-schoolers and the humour, particularly when Mousey Brown puts his plan into action, is very appealing.
Miss 6 asked if she could keep this one rather than sending it on to her school because she wants to learn to read it to share with Miss 19 months - that means it's hit the spot perfectly.
Barbara Braxton

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