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Oct 26 2012

Just doomed by Andy Griffiths

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Ill. by Terry Denton. Pan Australian, 2012. ISBN 9781742610924.
(Ages: 10 +) One boy, nine stories and a whole lot of bad luck! Andy Griffiths is a boy who is doomed; there is no doubt about it! Absolutely and most positively doomed. Andy fights his way through yet another Just book. Along the way he loses a lovely ice-cream, is caught stealing a purple hand bag and spends his summer holidays at a naturists' resort. From nudists playing volleyball to a doomed zoo trip, Just Doomed, has it all!
Filled to the brim with jokes that'll make you laugh out loud and hilarious drawing that are both stunning and entertaining, Terry Denton and Andy Griffiths can make even page numbers unusual and unique.
I strongly advise people to read this book and would recommend it to people looking for a pick-me up . . .
Lilly-Ann S. (Student)

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