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Oct 22 2012

Shark attack by Jackie French

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Scholastic Australia, 2012. ISBN 1742833845.
(Age 8+) In the fourth book in the Animal Rescue series by Jackie French, Leo and his friend, Mozz, must rescue a shark colony from a flood of toxic mud. Aimed at readers 8+, Shark attack is a fast paced, life threatening mission, which needs to be completed in time for Leo and Mozz to do their homework.
Mozz is the granddaughter of a wealthy scientist, Dr Drizzsock, who rescues wild animals and the latest task she gives the two friends is the hardest of all because Leo cannot communicate with sharks as he does so easily with other animals.
The sharks are in danger because a dam holding mine tailings, a sludge of dangerous chemicals, has collapsed in a thunderstorm. As they speed towards the shark colony in Sky Tiger, a jet made of recycled plastic bottles, the question they ask is, 'How can governments let things like this happen?' Jackie French, with her love of nature and her considerable research, encourages her readers to think more deeply about issues of conservation.
Despite inclusions such as a guinea pig with attitude and an amazing watch with satellite navigation which can repair shoelaces, it is easy to identify with the characters and become involved in the dilemmas they face. The introduction to the story is overlong but children will find this adventure as absorbing as the others in the series.
Thelma Harvey

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