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Oct 17 2012

Rumour has it: Girl heart boy by Ali Cronin

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Razorbill. Penguin, 2012. ISBN: 9780141340630.
This is not a book I would normally read and I can't say it would be one I'd read again, however everybody has their favourite themes and styles and this novel may appeal to others through its complex and emotional plot centred around the worth of relationships and the importance of self respect.
Ashley is an open book and while her friends try to settle down and start relationships all she wants is a good time. But will she sing a different tune when Dylan shows up with Donna's cousin Marv? Rediscovering emotions is hard when you've lived a life sheltered and hidden from pain but what will Ashley do when she is forced to deal with all of life's problems at once? How is Ashley's sister so perfect and when did her little sister start to like boys? Her life is a bomb shell waiting to go off.
Rumour has it is an easy to read novel written for teenage girls and set in the UK based loosely around the themes of fitting in and learning to respect oneself and others. I would suggest that it should be read by a middle school age group as these lessons are important to young adolescents of today.
Kayla Gaskell (Year 11).

Editor's note: Explicit content warning on back cover. BUY IT ON booktopia
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