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Aug 29 2008

Lightning Strikes Series

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Walker Books, 2008.
(2 titles: The Meteorite kid and Egghead)
(Age 9-12) Two more stories in this series aimed at lower reading ability kids in upper primary and early secondary school will be instant hits. The first, Egghead by Clare Scott, tells of Paddy and his friend Jackal. As part of their schoolwork, their teacher, Mr Farnham gives each of them an egg to look after for a week, during which they must make observations for their experiment. The boys are not impressed. They were expecting a much bolder experiment, something loud, fizzy or smelly.
The second, The Meteorite Kid by Carol Faulkner has a girl catching a ball at a baseball final, but what she ends up with in her hands is totally unexpected. Both stories are grounded in reality, will have wide appeal through their humour, and are short with minimum description and lots of dialogue and action. Just the thing for kids looking for a thin book.
Fran Knight

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