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Sep 27 2012

Shadows by Paula Weston

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The Rephaim, book 1. Text Publishing, 2012. ISBN 97819219222503.
(Age 15+) Recommended as a light paranormal read. Gaby Winters is recuperating from a car crash that has killed her twin brother Jude. The beauty of Pandanus Beach has helped to heal her body but she is overwhelmed by the grief of her sibling's death and every night she has horrible nightmare of demons and hell-spawn. When Rafa comes to town she is must come to terms with the fact that because he has appeared in her nightmares there may be some truth to the claim that he knew her brother. What is the truth about the terrible dreams that she has about the Rephaim? Where has she come from and who can she trust?
I thoroughly enjoyed this book. What was particularly engaging was the combination of the realism of the setting contrasted with the paranormal aspects of the novel. Weston deftly described Pandanus Beach, the cafe where Gaby worked and the friends that she had begun to form relationships in such a way that a very clear picture emerged of what Gaby was like and where she lived. The contrast of the terror of the nightmares and the threat of the Rephaim seemed just as real as Gaby tries to navigate through her feelings of who is trustworthy and just what is happening around her.
There is plenty of action for fans who enjoy the fight between angels and demons, but it is the mystery about who Gaby is and what has happened to her brother Jude that most intrigued me. The characters were very well developed and Rafa is mysterious enough to make me want to read the next novel in the series to find out just where he stands in regard to Gaby and Jude.
This is certainly one of the better paranormal novels that has appeared recently and is sure to appeal to fans of this genre. Some violence and swearing make it more suitable for older teens. Overall a gripping and interesting read.
Pat Pledger

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