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Sep 27 2012

Chasing Odysseus by S.D. Gentill

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The Hero Trilogy, book 1. Pantera Press, 2011. ISBN 9780980741865.
Hero is abandoned by her mother when she is five. Her mother, a champion of the Amazons, does not want a child with poor eyesight and so Hero is left with her biological father Agelaus. Agelaus is a herdsman who lives in the mountains in a cave with his three adopted sons. They live a peaceful life until Hero is fifteen, when war breaks out between the Greeks and the Trojans and the herdsmen are unfortunately caught in the middle of it.
Based on a Greek myth, the four siblings watch the fall of the city of Troy and then watch as the herdsmen are blamed for it.
This first book in the trilogy follows the adventures of Hero and her three brothers as they set out on a quest to clear the reputation of their people. They encounter many strange people, wondrous lands, princes and princesses, gods, warriors and grand adventures. The book begins well but, with all the crazy adventures the four go on, it gets a little bit hard to follow in the middle. Then, at the end, as all trilogies do, it leaves you hanging. I'm sure some readers will like it; Chasing Odysseus did catch me, but it didn't keep me interested.
Rachel Brabin

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