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Sep 19 2012

Alphabet town by Bryan Evans

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Ill. by Kimberley Moon. New Frontier Publishing, 2012. ISBN 192192 827 7.
(Ages 4+) Picture book. Maths themes. On the town where the numbers zero to nine live, each number is quite pleased with itself. But poor Zero feels neglected and so wanders over the hill to the town where the letters live. There are far more people living here, and Zero is invited to join them. She asks how many letters there are but as they cannot count, they do not know. So a cute idea is born, the Zero teaching the letters to count and the letters teaching Zero the alphabet. But counting to nine is not enough, so Zero puts herself with other numbers so that they can count more than nine, and the letters align themselves together to make words.
This is an interesting way to introduce the number system and letters of the alphabet to young children. The bright, busy illustrations will intrigue younger readers as they search for all the numbers and letters shown on each page.
Fran Knight

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