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Sep 17 2012

Baby bilby's question by Sally Morgan

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Ill. by Adele Jaunn. Little Hare, 2012. ISBN 978 1 92174 85 6.
(Ages 3-5) Recommended. Picture book. Animals. Family. Baby bilby has just one question of his father, 'How long will you love me?'After that each double page shows one of his responses, each beginning with the word, 'until'. Smaller children will simply love to hear Dad's responses to the baby's question as they turn each page, nestled warmly in the arms of a parent or sibling. Each response underlines the fact that love between a father and his young is forever, the days are beyond counting, it is infinite. Each response will elicit other comparisons form the audience as they too try to formulate the time of a father's love.
Each line is alliterative, adding to the fun of reading it aloud, and eliciting other words from the readers which begin with the same letter. Each page's illustrations are wonderful, full of colour and humour as the animal in question is shown doing the fantastical thing stated in the text. I love the lazy lizard lying back on the rainbow, legs crossed, arm behind his head, watching the sky above. Adele Jaunn's illustrations are understated and will hold the readers' attention as they seek out the small things in the landscape.
The reassurance the father's words bring to the baby will add to the feeling of contentment the book brings to its readers, the words used will add to the vocabulary of the younger readers, encouraging them to add to the words used in the book, while the illustrations will amuse and delight as well as inform. A charming book for early readers to listen and read and talk over with their family members.
Fran Knight

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