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Sep 04 2012

Wizard Undercover by K. E. Mills

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Rogue Agent, Book Four. Hachette Australia, 2012.
(Age: 12+) Like steampunk? . . . fantasy? . . . spy stories? . . . adventure? . . . humour? . . . romance? . . . fast-paced stories that rocket along their way through an exciting plot? In that case, definitely you should test out K. E. Mills' Wizard Undercover because this book has it all.
Wizard Undercover continues the sequence as a royal wedding heralds an alliance between Splotze and Borovnik. Clearly not everyone is thrilled with this proposal and a sinister but unknown plot to sabotage the nuptials is uncovered by one of Gerald's fellow 'janitors'.
Though barely recovered from some serious interference with his magic, Gerald Dunwoody, is sent by his Department into the field along with Crown Princess Melissande and the indomitable Emmerabiblia Markham (taking brief leave from their usual business Witches Inc.). Thrown into a jumble of political and royal miscreants, odd and eccentric officials and some downright unpleasant guests - the trio are bent on preventing disaster amidst many intentional and accidental mishaps designed to thwart their progress.
It soon becomes evident that not only does Gerald have a struggle to ensure peace between factional and longstanding enemies, he also has to keep Mel and Emmie contained in their natural exuberance and inherent desire to become active in the investigation - and perhaps even more sinister and important, protect himself from the evil magic threatening his very existence.
With some definite overtones of the Terry Pratchett kind of mischief and mayhem, with a dash of rather Black Adder like settings and characters, this book will delight many readers, both boys and girls, in the 12+ range.
Sue Warren

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