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Aug 29 2012

The Enchantress by Michael Scott

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The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series. Doubleday, 2012. ISBN: 9780385619004.
Highly recommended for ages 12 plus. With Nicholas and Perenelle Flamel based on Alcatraz Island, endeavouring to defend not just the city of San Francisco but, ultimately, the world, it seems that Josh and Sophie Newman, the twins of legend, are very much on their own as they face their ultimate battle to protect the human race. Will they work together or stand alone in order for the prophecy to be fulfilled?
This, the sixth and final book of the series, was one title which I could not rush to complete. Over the course of the series, I felt I had developed an understanding of and an affinity with various characters in this tale. Scott's strong characterisation made many of them truly take on lives of their own and fuelled my desire to enjoy their friendships for a little longer. Having watched the allegiances change and the metamorphosis of the various immortals, both physically and emotionally, I felt fascinated and concerned as to what the outcomes may have been. Throughout The Enchantress, allegiances continued to change and selflessness became the order of the day. For so many characters, there was also an eleventh hour appreciation of what is right, thereby causing them to reconsider their initial beliefs or values. Even in the midst of the final exciting battle, there was an air of gentleness. Mars' comment seemed to sum up Scott's reasons for having provided such an eclectic crew to defend the human race, 'This is what I have always loved about you humans. You are essentially good.'
Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed Scott's style of writing and felt the conclusion to have been satisfactory. Answers to many questions, including the twins' parentage, and were provided. Whilst there were a few details or characters whose involvement I was left questioning, I would have no hesitation in recommending this series to any lovers of fantasy or mythology.
Jo Schenkel

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