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Aug 06 2008

Special Kev by Chris McKimmie

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Allen and Unwin, 2008 ISBN 9781741755503
(Age 5-8) Highly recommended. Chris McKimmie has produced a whimsical and original picture book about a special little boy named Kev. Kev is so special that his mum 'planted red roses and rolled out the red carpet' when he was born. He is also special because he is the only one of his 'eleventy million cousins' who has curly red hair and freckles. When his favourite cousin Fatty Boombah goes to live in another town, Kev is lonely and hasn't a friend who plays football. However when he joins up with Nicky Bathgate, who wants to play Ned Kelly, things start to go wrong.
This is a heart-warming story about the love that Kev receives from his parents and extended family. Kev doesn't need expensive birthday presents to feel special because of the love that surrounds him. (His dad once made him a scrub turkey out of stuff around the house for his birthday and his mum named a special star after him).
Childlike illustrations bring to life the different characters of the family especially his cousins and Aunty Pav, and the cute talking cockatoo and small animal drawings will delight young children.
This book is a little gem because it will leave everyone who reads it feeling special.
Pat Pledger

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