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Aug 03 2012

The Witch Hunter Chronicles 3: The Devil's Fire by Stuart Daly

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Random House Australia, 2012. ISBN: 9781742754802.
(Age: 12+) 'Synopsis. Fire and brimstone. Hell on earth. Flames will not stop the Hexenjager.
It is said that the Codex Gigas contains a spell for summoning the Prince of Darkness. So when the medieval bible is stolen by demonic soldiers known as the Sons of Cain, Jakob and his companions form an alliance with an order of English witch hunters and race to London to prevent a horrific prophecy from being fulfilled.
Whether battling his way into the gaols of Rotterdam or crossing blades with the Sons of Cain during the Great Fire of London, this will be Jakob's most perilous mission yet.
A nightmarish prison, a charismatic prince, a graveyard of unspeakable horrors, a race to the death . . . Strap on your swords for one hell of a ride.' Publisher

The first two books in the series were recommended:
The Witch Hunter Chronicles 1: The Scourge Of Jericho by Stuart Daly.  'I would recommend it to people who like books about witch hunting with heaps of twists'. (Tahlia Kennewell, Student)
The Witch Hunter Chronicles 2: The Army of the Undead by Stuart Daly. 'This is a rollicking, historical action adventure that runs at breakneck speed.' (Alicia Papp)
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